Classroom Courses

XPages is the new development technology added to Lotus Notes and Domino from version 8.5

I offer either classroom based or online courses depending upon your requirements. All of the content here has been created by me, Matt White with help from other members of the LDC and Elguji Software.

Our first and most popular course is our "Introduction to XPages".

In a busy eight hours, you're going to create an entire application and will cover the following elements of XPage development:

  • Data Binding for Forms
  • Data Binding for Views
  • Themes and UI Design
  • Custom Control design
  • Type Ahead and simple Form Validation
  • Building dynamic HTML using Repeat Controls
  • Server Side Javascript
  • And a whole lot more...

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at Lotus Notes / Domino developers who have not done any XPages development. We'll start at the beginning and aim to have you ready to go back to the office ready to start an XPages project.

As long as you know how to create a Form and a View then you'll be OK!


This is a "bring your own laptop" style course. I can provide equipment if necessary, but it makes a lot more sense if you have Domino Designer 8.5.1 installed on your own machine so that you can get used to XPages in your own environment.

If you do need us to supply a machine for you, please let us know in advance, there may be an extra charge for this facility.

What previous attendees have said


"Very good explanations"

"A real eye opener for me as I've not looked at XPages prior to the course."

"Excellent value for money. Pitched just right for the first steps into XPages."

"It gave me a very good understanding of XPages under the bonnet."

"It was great being here, great course, the XPages start I was looking for."

Question Score
Overall, how would you rate the course? 95% (between Excellent and Good)
How was the course material? 86.67% (between Excellent and Good)
How was the presentation style? 86.67% (between Excellent and Good)
Would you recommend the course to your colleagues / nerdy friends? Yes: 100%



So you've started using XPages either in your development environment or you've released some simple applications.

This course is aimed at you, to validate that the approach you're taking is right, and to show you some of the tools, tips and techniques that you can use to improve your XPages skills.

The agenda can be defined by your needs. Normally I would teach around ten lessons from the following list (of course multiple days can be catered for if you want to cover more ground):

  • Scoped Variaables
  • Legacy LotusScript
  • Access Control
  • Logging and Error Handling
  • Validation Rules
  • XPages as Agents
  • Export to Excel
  • Calling SSJS from CSJS
  • Custom Properties
  • Properties Files
  • Controlling Partial Refreshes
  • Doing Maths in the Client
  • Dojo Dialogs
  • Rating Widget
  • Dojo Tree
  • Using jQuery
  • Installing Extension Library
  • Using the Extension Library
  • Dojo Editable Grid
  • Using Java
  • Creating PDFs
  • JDBC
  • Managed Beans

The day is a hands on training course, there are very few slides, it's all about writing code and getting used to new development techniques in your applications.

To arrange the XPages201 day in your offices please contact me

What previous attendees have said

@sambridegroom: Arrived home from @IamLUG after a great 3 days. @mattwhite and Xpages 201 was beyond great. Best $ I've spent in 3 years.